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Another option is to join our Zoom classes,
book one-on-one classes via Zoom
and/or to watch the website or social media for upcoming scheduled ones.
MPORTANT: Please remember to listen to your body! Yoga is about increasing your body awareness and respecting any limits that your
body can present on any given day. Respect the limits, don't push past them, and observe how they can change. Remember that every
body is different and everyone is on their own path. Whether you are new at yoga or any movement or you have bad knees or you are
pregnant or simply tired, etc, etc, etc,... please do not do anything that doesn't feel right. I prefer face-to-face classes where I teach the
bodies in front of me and give suggestions and modifications as I see needed. Unfortunately, when I can't see your body, there is no way
for me to give modifications or suggestions for every possible situation, so it is your job to listen to your body.  
That all being said in my words, I will still include a disclaimer:
"You are participating in unsupervised, guided, ONLINE classes and the risks of injury and illness do exist. In addition, there may be tripping or other hazards in the space you
choose to use.  Consult your physician before beginning any exercise program to ensure you are in reasonable physical condition.  You must agree to follow instructions
carefully and to immediately stop any activity that causes any unacceptable discomfort, emotional distress or pain, even if instructed to do so by the instructor. By participating
in this class, you agree to knowingly and freely assume all physical and legal risks, both known and unknown, even if arising from the negligence of the providers (including the
instructor, The Yoga Association of Alberta, or others).  You acknowledge and assume full responsibility for your participation; and hereby agree to release and indemnify the
providers from liability with respect to any and all such injury, illness, disability, death or loss or damage to person or property. "

I hope you all enjoy these classes, making them Yoga for You❤
Yoga for You Online Studio
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A variety of classes in many levels and styles of yoga,
meditation techniques and pranayama practices as well as
positive quotes, messages, mantras, affirmations and self-care
suggestions. Tons of videos loaded and more to come!!
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