Yoga for You Inc.
Yoga for You Inc. is a yoga studio in Bonnyville, AB that offers classes during the day and
evening.  You can book for a session or come on a drop-in basis.  There is a class that is perfect
for everyone.  To learn the basic poses in yoga which help improve strength, balance and
flexibility, try a Basic Hatha Yoga Class.  To relax, de-stress, and get a passive stretch, try a
Gentle Restorative Yoga Class.  Want an even deeper stretch for your muscle and connective
tissue?... try Yin Yoga. If you are familiar with yoga and want to have a more challenging workout,
try Ashtanga Flow or Yoga for Weight Loss. Looking for a mixture, try Vin to Yin!

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Yoga for You Inc.
Box 6979
5028 50 ave. (upstairs Royal Bank building)
Bonnyville, AB
T9N 2H4
Meet our teachers
Tracy's yoga journey started many years ago. A friend/co-worker talked Tracy into her first yoga class in
2002. She agreed to go to get some exercise but soon understood the benefit yoga gave her on the
physical level. After suffering from headaches and back and neck problems from a car accident years
ago, she couldn’t believe how much a weekly yoga class was helping her. She soon became addicted to
the benefits yoga gave her on many levels and knew that yoga would always be part of her life. She
received her original yoga instructor certification through the Yoga Association of Alberta and was
teaching at a local wellness center while still working part time but after 2 years of that decided to make
a change. Yoga got all of her attention. In 2007, she opened her own yoga studio, Yoga for You. In 2012,
she received her yoga therapy certification from Mount Royal University. Over the years, she has also
received her Yoga Alliance certification as well as many others, such as Prenatal, Yin, Thai Yoga
Stretching and more. She is passionate about yoga and the effects in has on mind, body and soul. Her
husband, 2 adult children, family and friends often refer to her as a yoga nut. Having fun and feeling good
while building strength, flexibility and balance and de-stressing, calming mind and relaxing the body,
she can’t figure out why everyone isn’t a yoga nut too!
Tracy Koluk
Brittany Newton grew up in Bonnyville, she met and has been with her significant for over
13 years and together they are raising two amazingly busy boys. Brittany was fortunate
enough to have the ability to be home while her boys grew, but as they grew and became
their own independent little beings, she realized how much she needed an outing, an
exercise, or really anything that allowed her to get out and have some “me” time. This is
where Yoga came into her life. Roughly about 5 years ago, she was introduced to Yoga by
a friend and almost immediately became hooked on the feeling it gave her, mostly
physical at the beginning. Throughout the following years, the more she practiced, the
more she needed yoga in her life. It has made such a substantial physical, emotional and
spiritual impact on her life that she decided that becoming a teacher was something that
she absolutely wanted to be. From September to December 2019, she put in 200 hard
hours with Yoga Cold Lake YTT to complete her training. She is so excited to be a part of
the yoga family and more so to have the opportunity to offer classes to our community.
Brittany Newton
Massage Therapist. She incorporates her experience and knowledge of all these areas
to take her yoga teacher training came to her when it was offered in Cold Lake in 2015.
The contrast and benefits between the two allow for her classes to include both the
physical and mental benefits of yoga. It excites her when students notice improvement
from yoga (in their mind and their bodies). José loves to watch all her students listen to
her cues and try to make them work in their body. All bodies can benefit from yoga and
when you allow yoga to quiet your mind and allow you to focus in the present moment it
can teach you so much about your body, breath and mind.
José Hoshowski
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Kristy was introduced to Ashtanga yoga in 2015 and has been hooked ever since! She
came to yoga with  chronic lower back pain that would often flare up impacting her
mobility. She had tried a number of things to strengthen her core in an attempt to ease
her back problems. However, none were as effective (or enjoyable) as yoga! Within eight
months of practicing about once a week she had a dramatic decrease in back pain and
no longer has any back issues at all.
If you have spoken with her for any length of time yoga has likely come up. Her love for
her practice, listening to yoga podcasts, reading yoga books, talking yoga, attending
yoga workshops and her love of high waisted yoga pants can be contagious (or
annoying depending on where you sit on the subject). She has come to think of yoga as
the answer to everything. And often jokes (sort of, not really) Headache? Probably need
some yoga! Sore legs? Back? Neck? Shoulders? Need more yoga! Overweight?
Underweight? Not flexible? No core strength? More yoga! Having a hard time
concentrating? Yoga! Stressed? No time? Busy, busy, busy? Definitely need more yoga!
For Kristy, Ashtanga yoga was the answer to getting in a workout for the body and a rest
for the mind in one practice. Her yoga practice has played a huge role in developing an
understanding of the breath's influence over the mind and the nervous system. This
understanding has impacted all areas of her life but most directly as a Mom, being able
to pause more often which helps her find empathy and perspective. In 2018 she
completed her Kids Yoga Online Training Course with the Yoga training Alliance,
through Yoga in My School.
In 2019, completed her RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Alliance,
through Yoga Cold Lake.   ​
Kristy Tetreau
Calin Kostyshyn
Calin is a 200-hour certified Yoga Instructor whose training focused in the Baptiste practice.
Calin was first introduced to Hatha yoga at her workplace over ten years ago, and there found
out how a yoga practice can help not only calm your mind and body, but leave you with new
focus and renewed perspective. Her interest in yoga continued to develop and in 2017 Calin
received her certification. The Baptiste practice centers on linking breath with movement, and
this is the most beneficial teaching that Calin would like to pass on to her students, because
each day our bodies are different and will react differently to our practice. She feels that it is
through linking our breath to each movement that we can learn to be at peace with this, and
teach ourselves to use it throughout our daily lives and interactions. In this way, we can let our
best selves shine more and more often - remembering that yoga is a practice, and some days
it is much harder than others! Calin enjoys seeing others gain inner confidence and challenge
themselves as much as they are comfortable, and her Flow classes will provide a safe space
to practice both.