Class Description

The Basic Hatha Yoga & Basic Yoga Extra Classes touch on a variety of traditions of yoga.  In these classes the
asanas (postures) are introduced and held for a few breaths to increase strength, flexibility and balance. The Basic
Yoga Extra includes more pranayama and meditation.

Gentle Restorative Yoga Class is for those who are aiming to decrease stress, promote relaxation and
passively stretch out their bodies.  Yoga props are used to position the body in relaxing poses that are held for several

Yin Yoga Class will focus on poses which are held longer to stretch the connective tissue, helping us to improve
the range of motion of the focused joints, strengthen the connective tissue and improve the flow of energy through the
body. The meditative quality of the class will help teach us to stay in the present moment.

Vin to Yin Yoga Class will begin with a Vinyasa practice where we will connect breath with movement and create
heat in the body while we stretch and strengthen our muscles. The second half of the class will focus on Yin poses
which are held longer to stretch the connective tissue helping us to relax into the deepest layers of the body. In Vin to
Yin, we join the two styles to allow some yang movement followed by Yin deeper stretches.

Strength Flow Class is an energizing flow class incorporating core strengthening movements, standing &
balancing flow postures, seated postures & vinyasas while playing around with inversions and arm balances. This class
will help build strength, stability and flexibility.  Be prepared to get a little sweat on!

Mysore - Mysore is the traditional way Ashtanga yoga is taught and practiced. In a traditional Mysore room every
practitioner practices on their own, but together. They all follow a set sequence of asana, while a teacher moves about
the room and assists (verbal assists only due to COVID-19).  Giving new postures as students are ready for them.
In 'Intro to Mysore', we will learn part of the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga and begin the journey towards a self led
practice. This class would be ideal for those who love Ashtanga or Vinyasa style classes and who like to get sweaty! My
hope is to help bridge the gap between led classes and self led Mysore. The best parts of this type of practice is the
sense of community and the ability to cultivate a personal practice. Sounds like it was made for 2020 doesn't it??

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class is a moderately paced class drawn from the Ashtanga lineage to build strength,
length and flexibility. Pairing breath with movement builds heat in the body and focuses the mind. Modification provided
for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Private Classes are also available for individuals or small groups,
talk to Tracy if you want more information

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